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AML Matters

Anti-Money Laundering practice is essential for the survival of your organisation, that's why with Spectpro Advisory you can count on us to find solutions and help implement the best AML execution to your company.

We can implement risk-assessment tools & address any AML challenges with proven experience and results. We are fully equipped with a team who help our clients stay one step ahead of evolving issues whether it be risk ratings, risk assessments, due diligence, regulatory issue advice or independent auditing.

AML services include the following:

Current state assessments which cover both weaknesses and opportunities within the organisation

Evaluation and recommendations in accordance to AML product selection

Strategy service, based on the organisation's challenges and needs which actively engage with our clients evaluating the AML process from start to finish

Help prioritise requirements and determine the appropriate path to take in accordance to an organisation's existing AML solutions

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